SUN _ IS _ ON AIR ***

This great journey is coming to its end. We are landing on the shore sooner than later. Thanks for everyone who participated it this educational XRPL supremacy projects that proves 100% decentralization of the xrp ecosystem. Anyone could build on top of the XRP Ledger and issue its own tokens that called now NFT’s. We talked about private transaction a long time a go and now everyone witnessed that we were on the right track! We are happy and sun will shine bright! MAY God bless you and we would be all happy when we Fit all our ideas on the great wall of bricks. For the future expand of the tokes and XRPL we hope that FRX could find its use case more than just a useless token on the ledger and will be USED… Remember that no one controls counterparty any more it’s full decentralization 99.9%.

We encourage to try to solve “PATH_DRY error” on the ledger that not allows to send and receive FRX.

Open additional trust lines for FRX tokens trust lines for

rBorMBfVoq7kndDUEU4r6oF1aFra3d9tWu (counterparty)

rBCCYXuBd4wpSLygjFfew4fBWEkndwaAtw (counterparty)

FRX – limit to 1 000 000

Try to enable rippling and disabling.