FRX Coins – Don’t stop me now!

FRX is now limited to 48 508 496.0057 supply that is less than Dogecoin. Before we had 21 000 000 limit but because of the glitch on DEX, someone could minted more coins by huge market buy order. We tried to lock his account but nothing we can do about it right now. We are not allowed to lock fund anymore.  

FRX coin minting address is rBCCYXuBd4wpSLygjFfew4fBWEkndwaAtw. If you would like to burn coins and take them out of the circulation send FRX to this address. But be aware that you will never get coins back because they will be burned.

Is this will be the cash of the future? Build on the most powerful distributed ledger technology. Coins will be used for pure market speculations and the main goal is to outperform old and slow Bitcoin and Stupid-Dogecoin!

FRX – Is the best coins created to fight against Corona Virus Covid-19. There is no need to use cash. The HOLDERS of FRX Coins will receive special gift on April 20-21. Super powerful VIP GOLD Micro Chips created only for the 1% – of the elite white owls on the planet Earth.

When we will look at the skies while the last brick of light would fall from the clouds and we will thank GOD, that you had an opportunity to buy and HOLD FRX Coins! OWLs are watching and waiting. Be like Warren BufFit! Invest on great start ups before it is too late! FRX – is real Phoenix that will rise on April 20-21.

This is the Plans within Plans to Plan to Create Qa non- real power coin under token.

If you are not sure – Don’t cry after! You’ve been warned! Not financial advice. ! It likely to be the future of all payments in the entire universe! We are expremineting with XRP Ledger DLT and want to list our token on the crypto exchange outside the ledger.

If you are interested in lisitng our coin on your exchnage, please contact us!

This is real Dolphin Crypto Project. PNL & B A Plus P

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key: Latco


The know your customer or know your client (KYC) guidelines in financial services requires that professionals make an effort to verify the identity, suitability, and risks involved with maintaining a business relationship. The term can also refer to the bank regulations and anti-money laundering regulations that govern these activities. KYC processes are also employed by companies of all sizes for the purpose of ensuring their proposed customers, agents, consultants, or distributors are anti-bribery compliant, and are actually who they claim to be. Banks, insurers, export creditors and other financial institutions are increasingly demanding that customers provide detailed due diligence information. Initially, these regulations were imposed only on the financial institutions but now the non-financial industry, fintech, virtual assets dealers, and even the non-profit organizations are liable to oblige.

Big holders of FRX tokens could require KYC in order to prevent money laundering and finance of the terrorism according to AML rulings. Otherwise trading or sending of your funds could be locked. Thanks for understanding. Personal data will never be transferred to the 3rd parties.

Send your documents only on your own risk! Never send them to anyone if you don’t trust.

All XRP sent to rPA73XSVQ3UEz7gSixREhMzBMtF4RGZPie are consideted as a donations for the project and made only for educational purposes to educate people about the true nature of XRP Ledger Spermacy! Thanks for all who helped to build it on top of the great DLT system!

ONE Step to get FRX Coins to your wallet:

  1. Add “Pie-Address Counterparty Trust Line” to your XRP address: rPA73XSVQ3UEz7gSixREhMzBMtF4RGZPie


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