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Hi everyone! In the last week we received many complains from air drop and donation senders. First the most complain is that the amount of coins were changed from 21 000 000 to 48 000 000+ million coins. That happened because of the network glitch. System on the DEX executed a big sell order to the negative balance and minted more coins to “rBorMBfVoq7kndDUEU4r6oF1aFra3d9tWu” address. We tried to compensate the negative balance by minting more coins from mining address “rBCCYXuBd4wpSLygjFfew4fBWEkndwaAtw”. Then we burned back half of the coins.

Educational note: Please consider that XRP Ledger allows you to issue new asset without limits. Also issued asset could be burned if send to an issuers account. Limits are set only by FRX counterparty in this case “PIE” address.

  1. This project was mainly created for educational purposes to educate XRP community about the XRP Ledger and DEX.
  2. Investing or donations for this project were made only by contributors of his/her own free will without coercion.
  3.  FRX was designed and traded on price of 100 XRP for one coin, while we listed on the DEX as we promised!
  4. Dumping all coins at once and putting low prices by FRX big holders without control caused price dump on the exchange.
  5. Our PIE counterparty is no longer holding any FRX coins as we promised. All coins are distributed among 100% of holders.
  6. We no longer accept any donations neither send any airdrops.
  7. All FRX coins are available on open market decentralized exchange.
  8. We collect KYC & AML information because it is required by international law to prevent finance of international terrorism. We would never share this information to any 3rd parties.
  9. We put many warning signs and disclaimers on our web-site to make you think before donating and getting FRX airdrop. Every contributor was able to see and recognize all warning signs on the web-site!   
  10. If you want to get your XRP donations back to your account without trying to cheat us or fraud. You could get them back if you:       
  11. If you participated in donation air drop “Insider Club” program.
  12. If you sent your XRP directly to our PIE counterparty without trading them on decentralized exchange.
  13. If you will burn all FRX coins by sending them back to PIE address and would delete the trust line and not going to try to buy more coins.
  14. If you send us prove by giving us links to all your transactions and donations.
  15. If you contact us directly and only to our support e-mail.
  16. Before doing it all you need to contact our support first!

To claim XRP back you need to send us all listed above proves before 08.05.2020 -(Deadline Expired)

All claimed payments will be made before 01.06.2020

We would try our best to list FRX coin on more crypto exchanges and integrate it to other mobile applications. If you want to hold coins and help the project we hope that with grows of XRP ledger ecosystem in the future, our coin would hold some value and will be used.

Anyone who is interested in educational enrollment could purchase our video course on how to create IOU’s (ICO) and issue your own asset on the XRP Ledger and start your own project. Full educational enrollment costs 5 000 000 FRX. And we have a special offer of -75% sale for insider club members!  

Contact us:

We wish you all the best!