Trust Line for PIE

How to set-up trust line ?

Add a trust line to FRX in your account

What is a trust line
A trust line represents an authorization for another account to send you payments in the specified currency and amount. The assets created in the XRP Ledger, such as FRX, need a trust line to be sent and received between two accounts.

The basic information of the trust line is the currency’s acronym (“currency)”, the address of the account you wish to authorize to send you payments (“counterparty”), and the maximum limit of the authorized amount (“limit value”).

A trust line for FRX

The basic data for adding a trust line for getting PIE are as follows:

Currency:         FRX

Counterparty:  rPA73XSVQ3UEz7gSixREhMzBMtF4RGZPie

Limit Value:     1,000,000

Currency and Counterparty are fixed and mandatory data. Limit value is an amount that you must specify. We suggest that you specify a high amount, for example, 1,000,000 (1 million).

How to add the trust line in your wallet

The process of adding a trust line may vary a little depending on the wallet you use. See below some specific instructions for Gatehub and Rippex:


  • Access your wallet.
  • Click on the Advanced option
  • Click on the Set Trust button
  • Enter your password
  • Copy and paste the FRX account number (  rPA73XSVQ3UEz7gSixREhMzBMtF4RGZPie  ) into the Ripple Address and enter the currency code ( FRX ).
  • Click Submit.

Ripple Desktop Wallets (such as Rippex, Ripple China and Ripple Fox)

  • Click on the Trust Line menu and then on the Add trust line button.
  • Under Counterparty Address, copy and paste the FRX account number ( rPA73XSVQ3UEz7gSixREhMzBMtF4RGZPie  ).
  • Under amount, enter a high number, for example, 1million (  1,000,000  ).
  • In the field next to it, type FRX .
  • Under Allow Rippling, check Disallow Rippling.
  • Click Save to finish.

Toast Wallet

  • Access your account by the browser following the Toast Wallet guidelines. To do this you will need to make a backup on your device and copy code to paste in the field informed.
  • After that, just open your wallet and follow the instructions:
  • Click Add Trustline
  • Add the Allvor trust line information:
  • Issuer adrees (rPA73XSVQ3UEz7gSixREhMzBMtF4RGZPie)
  • Currency code ( FRX )
  • Trust line limit ( 1000 000 )
  • Under Allow Rippling, check Disallow Rippling.
  • On the next screen, make sure the information is correct, enter your Passphrase and click Submit Trustline.


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