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FRX has no value?

This is already wrong. It has some value already. Value creates people who HOLD Coins and don’t sell them over time. If we study the history of Bitcoin from the beginning we could understand some fundamental factor in price generation. Time generates value. As long time it takes to asset to be held by the users and used, as greater the value will be in the future.

Bitcoin is really useless at the very beginning. And it is really useless even now. It is very old, it is very slow. The world is spending too much electricity and power to solve stupid math problems to hold Bitcoin alive. It is radicicolous!  It can’t be for long time. Bitcoin is not good for the planet and eventually maybe something will happen to it?

FRX is even better than Bitcoin already. No need for mining. It uses the most efficient and fast block chain on the planet earth. Distributed Ledger technology created by Ripple. It spends low fees for transaction. Amount is limited only to 48.5< million Coins, and FRX could be burned by the community if send to issuer’s address or locked forever on counterparty.

FRX is fully decentralized. All private keys and access is lost and burned forever. No one could use “PIE” counterparty spend or use XRP or FRX from this account ever. No one could lock trust lines or freeze trading.  

XRP Ledger and DLT will be integrated to many exchanges in the future. We are just at the very start line for the World to accept this great technology. As XRP Ledger will expand so the FRX Coins will gain and have more playing fields to be listed and traded on more crypto exchanges!

Dogecoin is real shit coin and has no intrinsic value and has no limits for its emission. But it is used for stupid games, faucets and speculation!

FRX has even more potential to be used for crypto games, faucets, speculations, hedge operations, trading and even banking!

Just create, use and expand!

Time is money.